Matt's Fallcrest adventure path

Kobold Keep cleared of Szartharrax

DM’s bare bones summary, by Matt…

Players: Dylan Characters: Cassandra, Garth, Sorrow, Eldwen, Celstia

In short, they cleared out the Keep, killing the kobold leader, then the white dragon Szartharrax (Sz for short). They got quite a lot of treasure! They completed three quests: to tell Nimozaran about the white dragon being the power behind the kobolds, to return the green dragon hide to Teldorathan, and to prove to the Lord Warden they had cleared the Keep.

They got the women Azrea, Roelle, and Jalena out of the keep. They were being held by Sz.

In trying to cure the disease the three women developed, and which Eldwen and Celstia caught, they confronted Nimozaran (Nim for short) in a skill challenge. Nim claimed all three women wanted to stay with him. Though the party could tell that Roelle did not really want to stay but felt compelled, and Jalena was in no state to decide such a thing, Nim had all the cards and they needed to convince him to release as many of the women as possible. The party won the skill challenge. They found out quite a bit of freaky shit about what was going on with these women, Sz, Nim, and some greater “way”, a philosophy or allegiance that tied them together.

They left Azrea, apparently willingly, with Nim. They convinced Nim (thanks to the skill challenge win) to let them have Roelle and Jalena under their care.

I’ll leave it to Dylan to fill in details and speculate as to what it all means…

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