Matt's Fallcrest adventure path

Previous sessions

1.Rumours were heared. Garth set out to get quest, party was formed 2. Needed to get cured green dragon scales for Dwarf blacksmith 3. Agreed to trade in Kobold scalps for gold reward; additional reward for the kobold leader’s skull mask. 4. Recieved a magic +1 mace from Mimozeran (get used to me spelling names wrong), a powerful wizard, in return for looking into some sort of ‘organisation’ that was conspiritorially sweeping the land. 5. Set off for Kobold hall 6. Fought off kobolds in a room with a green pit in the center. They used immobilising shots filled with green snot goo, which was presumably harvested from the pit. 7. Room filled with statues that fired darts when you stepped on a pressur pad. Fought a few kobolds, no biggie. Found altar for what seemed to be something to do with ice. Decided to leave it alone. 8. Room with another green pit, except with kobolds swinging a stick ball from the ceiling onto us. Also involved drakes. Some snot throwers and minions. Revieved some gold. 9. Throne room that had a real shit-hole. Rolling boulder trap combined with an accurate kobold and a lame dwarf resulted in a single dwarf-sized dent in the floor. Fought off flying-kobold creature as well as kobold head-honcho. Everyone was almost dead, so we surrendered and retreated back to town to level up, heal and pick up a new party member. Stumbled accross a cave that we gathered was inhabited by bears. Decided to leave it alone. 10. Going back through kobold hall. A few passages written in draconic and blood was found. Also, slime pits were extended. Most kobolds dead. Felt kinda sad, but was soon attacked by kobolds. Killed them, and chased after leader. 11. Throne room again, except this time an angry dwarf kept the leader marked and ultimately killed all the kobolds. Found a list that suggested something icy. 12. Something icy. Travelled into a frozen cave that was inhabited by a white dragon, WOW! His name was Szassarax (yeah I know I got that one wrong). Had easily > 200 hp, and Eldwen did not have a good time in the brisk cool air of the dragons icy breath. Conversation mid-battle, leading to an arrangment for prisoners (apparently they were ‘gifts’ for some dickhole named Karalel, probably part of this organisation). 3 women were found behind an icy wall (after being smashed apart by and angry dwarf- I mean dragon) who seemed to be prisoners, completely naked. Cassandra succeeded in stabbing the dragon w/ sneak attack, and after a few rounds, the dragon was felled by a 5 hit magic missile. 13. After tending to the women, cassandra slipped through a crack into another icy cave with an ad hoc suit of armour, as well as +1 scale armour, which had resistance 5 to ice. Green dragon hide was found, and it seemed that the cave went on further beyond some ice. Probably going to come back after the ice melts. Also found notes written in draconic. Kind of forgot about it until step 18. 14. Slave women got fevers. People carrying the 2 unconscious chicks got the same fever on the way back to town. 15. Warm welcome back. Probably made a bad move mentioning that the unconcious chicks were contagiously sick. Now rumours are travelling that we are building up a whore house due to them all being naked except for a few blankets. 16. Eldwen’s fever got worse. Garth tried (and peeved off a few people as he did) to find a healer for him, and came accross some chick that had an ancient potion supposedly made by Mimozeran. 17. Confronted Mimo. He seemed sensitive about the potion; supposedly he had tried and failed to make a cure for the same disease. After some persuading, he agreed to make something new for us. We all felt better, but apparently the women’s conditions required over-night care. (If only that had sounded as suspicious as it should have.) He also feinted surprise about the women and the dragon, but seemed really genuinly surprised about Karalel. 18. Came back for the girls. Apparently the girls wanted to stay with him after all, which he was CLEARLY lying about. After a long skill challenge, we found out he was connected with this ice nomad clan called Abanfil; one of the chicks are clearly part of it; and he seemed to have made some sort of diplomatic dealing with them. He apparently admired them. We got the girls afterwards. He also trusted us enough to tell us that he apparently sent the girls to the cave, and apparent Szartharaax was supposed to “put them through training”. He clearly had lust for at least one of the girls (who genuinely wanted to be his servant), and he admitted to kidnapping all three of them. 19. Received the rest of the rewards from the other quests. 20. Wrote this :D

Kobold Keep cleared of Szartharrax

DM’s bare bones summary, by Matt…

Players: Dylan Characters: Cassandra, Garth, Sorrow, Eldwen, Celstia

In short, they cleared out the Keep, killing the kobold leader, then the white dragon Szartharrax (Sz for short). They got quite a lot of treasure! They completed three quests: to tell Nimozaran about the white dragon being the power behind the kobolds, to return the green dragon hide to Teldorathan, and to prove to the Lord Warden they had cleared the Keep.

They got the women Azrea, Roelle, and Jalena out of the keep. They were being held by Sz.

In trying to cure the disease the three women developed, and which Eldwen and Celstia caught, they confronted Nimozaran (Nim for short) in a skill challenge. Nim claimed all three women wanted to stay with him. Though the party could tell that Roelle did not really want to stay but felt compelled, and Jalena was in no state to decide such a thing, Nim had all the cards and they needed to convince him to release as many of the women as possible. The party won the skill challenge. They found out quite a bit of freaky shit about what was going on with these women, Sz, Nim, and some greater “way”, a philosophy or allegiance that tied them together.

They left Azrea, apparently willingly, with Nim. They convinced Nim (thanks to the skill challenge win) to let them have Roelle and Jalena under their care.

I’ll leave it to Dylan to fill in details and speculate as to what it all means…

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